Salt Water Vs. Chlorine Pools

The decision to install a new pool can give an upgrade to any backyard. There are many different aspects to consider, one of which is deciding what type of water you want to use. Chlorine and salt water pools each have their own qualities with different price and maintenance benefits. If you’re stuck between which water to use, here are the factors that differentiate one from the other.

Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools are more expensive upfront. They do have a small touch of chlorine in them, but you will need to purchase a salt water generator. According to, the chlorine that is found in salt water pools is created from chemical electrolysis that happens with a salt water chlorinator or generator. It prevents algae and bacteria buildup and makes your pool last longer.

Another thing to keep in mind is the cost of power that comes with keeping the generator in constant operation. But, you will not need to add chemicals to your pool as often because the generator does the work for you.

You only need to fully clean your pool once a year. This means draining the pool, scrubbing surfaces, and changing filters, which can be labor intensive and time consuming. Also, salt is a corrosive element, so make sure you have the proper liners for your pool filters and lights to prevent damage.

Chlorine Pools

These types of pools are cheaper upfront, but can be more difficult to take care of, according to You will have to constantly monitor the pH balance, and the cost can add up with all the different chemicals you have to purchase. Every three to four weeks you will need to shock your pool. This is done by testing your water, which adds more expenses more often.

Choosing the type of water you want to use for your pool depends on your preference of the amount of maintenance you want to put into your pool and how efficiently you want the water cleaned. Remember that a saltwater pool does have chlorine in it, just a lower level. Whether it’s saltwater or chlorine, it all depends on how much work you plan to put into your pool.
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Written by: Alex Dunn

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