Regular vs. Stationary Bicycles

Almost everyone has ridden a bike at some point in their lives. If you’re a cycling enthusiast or an elite athlete, you’ve probably used it for intense workouts and training. The health-conscious are more concerned with maintaining a healthy weight while keeping their bodies toned. That begs the question: Which gives you a better workout, regular bikes or stationary ones? There’s not a lot of … Continue reading Regular vs. Stationary Bicycles

More to Health Than BMI

While extra pounds can sometimes cause distress, body mass index, a common tool that calculates weight and height to measure body size and whether a person has a healthy or excess amount of weight, can sometimes be much worse. Although BMI is used as a standard screen tool to track weight statuses, according to Yvette Brazier of Medical News Today, it does not measure the … Continue reading More to Health Than BMI

Turn Up the Radio(frequency)

Radiofrequency uses an electrical current to generate heat below the surface of the skin, resulting in new collagen formation (neocollagenesis), skin tightening, and fat reduction. We use two different RF systems to address two of men and women’s most common concerns: loose skin and excess fat. The truSculpt 3D is a non-invasive body contouring system device that causes programmed cell death in fat cells (adipocytes) … Continue reading Turn Up the Radio(frequency)