Turn Up the Radio(frequency)

Radiofrequency uses an electrical current to generate heat below the surface of the skin, resulting in new collagen formation (neocollagenesis), skin tightening, and fat reduction. We use two different RF systems to address two of men and women’s most common concerns: loose skin and excess fat.

The truSculpt 3D is a non-invasive body contouring system device that causes programmed cell death in fat cells (adipocytes) on the abdomen, waist, neck, arms, bra-line, chin, and inner, outer, and posterior thighs. The dead fat cells are then eliminated through the lymphatic system over several weeks.

In clinical studies, three months after one treatment, patients had an average of 24 percent fat reduction. Our patients are thrilled with their results and appreciate the accompanying skin tightening from neocollagenesis.

The ideal candidate is well hydrated, has a BMI of less than 30, and uses it for spot reduction of fat, although it has decreased waist sizes by more than two inches in some overweight patients. More than one treatment can be performed on any area, but these treatments should be separated by at least three months and are not typically required. While the truSculpt 3D is effective for fat reduction, it is not a weight loss device, and patients do not lose weight following treatment.

Side effects include transient redness and swelling. Soreness and lumps, if they occur, can persist for a couple of weeks. There is no “down time” after the procedure, and you may immediately return to your normal activities. Women who are pregnant, nursing, or have copper wire IUDs and patients with metal implants (including mesh) in the treatment area may not use the truSculpt 3D.

In the next issue of Health Life, we’ll explore using RF in women’s health and to tighten those turkey necks using Thermi. Tune in then and turn on RF.

Written by: Betsy Perry Thacker, MD

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