Pros and Cons of Goat Yoga

Goat yoga is your typical yoga class with the slight exception that a dozen baby goats are free to roam not only around the room but also all over you. And, yes, this is real. Pros Instant Stress Reliever: Human-animal interaction releases oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress and induces feelings of happiness. Additionally, goats are carefree, kind animals that make not smiling impossible. Combine … Continue reading Pros and Cons of Goat Yoga

Keep It Moving During Pregnancy

Exercising while pregnant is great for the health of the mother: It has a tendency to reduce strain on the body when it is time to actually give birth, helps to keep weight down during pregnancy, and dramatically reduces stress levels. While it is an amazing idea to stay active while being pregnant, it can also be tedious for the mother the further along she … Continue reading Keep It Moving During Pregnancy

Yoga, the Ancient Art for Holistic Health

Among the many fitness trends in today’s health culture, yoga is an undisputed favorite. With a rich history dating back more than five millennia and spanning multiple continents, yoga is practiced in various ways and appeals to a wide range of people who seek to improve their overall health. Yoga was first mentioned among rituals to be performed by the Brahmans, Vedic priests of the … Continue reading Yoga, the Ancient Art for Holistic Health