Keep It Moving During Pregnancy

Exercising while pregnant is great for the health of the mother: It has a tendency to reduce strain on the body when it is time to actually give birth, helps to keep weight down during pregnancy, and dramatically reduces stress levels. While it is an amazing idea to stay active while being pregnant, it can also be tedious for the mother the further along she gets. Exercises a pregnant woman can do during the first trimester may not be as easy for her to do during her third trimester. Here are a few different and safe exercises to try at different stages of your pregnancy:

1. Walking
Walking is an exercise any pregnant woman can do regardless of the trimester she is in. It may become a little harder depending on the circumstances of the pregnancy, such as swollen feet and back pain. For the most part, walking is a safe and easy way to stay active during the entirety of the pregnancy.

2. Stationary Bike
A stationary bike is much easier and safer to ride then a regular bicycle because the chances of falling off, which would hurt the mother and baby, are reduced. As the mother moves further along in her pregnancy, the bike can still be safely ridden.

3. Water Aerobics
Water aerobics can be soothing to the pregnancy body. Swimming and water workouts are great for anyone’s body, but when it comes to pregnancy, it is perfect for relieving pain in the joints and keeping the heart rate up.

4. Stretching
Continual stretching is good for the body. Planking and side stretching helps to increase muscle strength. Yoga and Pilates help to stretch out sore muscles, increase flexibility, and keep the body relaxed.

5. Weight Training
Light weight training is good to tone up the body pre-baby and post-baby. Keep it light. Don’t risk pulling or straining a muscle by trying to lift heavy.

Make sure to always clear any exercising with your doctor first; although staying active during your pregnancy is important, if it is not for you, then it could do more harm than good. Also, no one wants to go into labor early, especially because it could put the baby in danger. So, while exercising when pregnant, remember to keep it light and safe.

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Written by: Hillary Griffin

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