3 Steps to Achieving a Perfectly Decorated Holiday Home

Holiday season is the best season. Why? The holidays provoke quality time with friends and family – at least for a day a two – and it’s an excuse for those decorating buffs to show off their skills. But when is it too early to decorate? Some say it’s never too early, but too much of a good thing is overwhelming. Timing and subtle accents are your best friend.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If the Christmas decorations come out before Thanksgiving rolls around, then it’s too early to decorate. With that being said, here are some holiday essentials in order to achieve the perfect holiday house from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Step 1: Set the mood.

Create an ambience using scent and lighting to set the mood of the holiday season. To accomplish this, use candles. Not one candle. Not two candles. Bombard your home with them. (But not to the extent of gaudiness. Bombard tastefully.) Candles should be placed by the front and back doors, in the living room, in the kitchen, and in any bathrooms. Basically, cover all your bases. Pumpkin, the scent of Thanksgiving, would work for November, and a scent like cinnamon (think gingerbread house) or pine trees would set the mood for Christmas.

Step 2: Be subtle.

With holiday decorations, subtle means subtle. Even the slightest bit too much can throw everything off. Adding smaller accents throughout your home works better than lager, distracting decorations. Place different sized pumpkins here and there and add earth tones such as brown and rust to the furniture (pillows, blankets, etc.) for Thanksgiving. For Christmas, decorating is a bit trickier. While green and red are a classic Christmas combo, they’re not the easiest to incorporate into your existing décor, although the look could work for the kitchen or living room. Vases are a great accent for December; they can be filled with in-season flowers, colored sand, glittery pebbles, tinsel, garland, or even tiny tree ornaments. Place the vase on a bookshelf, countertop, or coffee table, and you’ll find that a little subtlety can make a big difference in your home.

Step 3: Be cautious of timing.

Decorating is not like an interview. Earlier is not better. A two-week time frame is ideal: two weeks before and two weeks after. It’s only a month, and that’s just enough time for you not to get tired of looking at the decorations and for the time and effort you put into decorating to be worth it.

Three steps may not seem like much. However, it’s all that is needed to get your dream home during the holidays. Too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. Keep these steps in mind for the upcoming holiday season.

Happy decorating!


Health Life | November 2016
3 Steps to Achieving a Perfectly Decorated Holiday Home
Written by: Maya Bramletta

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