Why You Should Hop on the “Paint and Sip” Train

You may have heard of this growing trend of drinking wine and painting. People like to do it individually, in small groups, or even as parties. I can think of two reasons why this particular pairing is on the rise: 1) Wine tastes delicious, and drinking it is relaxing. 2) Painting is also relaxing, and you’re able to tap into your creativity, at least to an extent. The appeal is obvious, and I can give you five reasons why “Paint and Sip” (the combination of painting and drinking wine) is something to put on your bucket list.

  1. There is no age or gender discrimination.
    1. Anybody who is over the age of 21 is welcome. When I say no age discrimination, I mean for the individuals who are old enough to legally drink. Yes, “Paint and Sip” is fun, but it’s still a legal event. With this being said, 23-year-olds can mingle with 50-to 60-year-olds, something that’s not typically part of their daily interactions.
  2. Everything is provided for you, except the wine of course.
    1. You don’t have to go out and buy painting supplies. Supplies that are expensive, I might add. You just have to bring your wine and pour it in a cup. (Even the cup is provided for you.) It sounds like a pretty great deal to me.
  3. You don’t have to be a Picasso to go to the event.
    1. It’s intended to be a stress-reliever and for you to enjoy yourself. The emphasis is more on how you feel after than what the end product is. You could paint a big smiley face with a blue background if you wanted. Enjoying yourself is the main goal.
  4. It’s a friendly environment.
    1. This could be due to the wine, but a friendly environment is always a plus. It’s a bonus due to the amount of people and alcohol involved. It’s not a fun event if nobody gets along and no one is having a good time. It defeats the purpose of going to the event if the environment is unfriendly.
  5. You can paint whatever you want, even though the instructor already chose a piece for everyone to paint.
    1. The event is meant for you. It’s your canvas and your time. If you want to be creative and paint something else, then you’re more than welcome to do as you please. Paint your own Picasso.

“Paint and Sip” should be calling your name at this point. If you’re even remotely interested, you should give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Health Life November 2016
Why You Should Hop on the “Paint and Sip” Train
Written by: Maya Bramletta

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