Hospice of South Georgia

Hospice Home-Care Team

     Hospice care came to Valdosta in 1987 when a small group of volunteers developed a passion and vision to bring comfort and dignity to life’s final journey. These individuals began this endeavor inside a janitor’s closet down in the basement of the hospital. As the good word of hospice spread through the community, Hospice of South Georgia blossomed to become the first hospice organization established in the area and outgrew that small closet into a full building of hired employees. With tremendous community support, the last 30 years have evolved by enhancing the hospice experience with patient-focused home care and elevated comfort measures at Langdale Hospice House, their hospice care center.

We focus on HOW YOU LIVE!

Hospice serves individuals facing a life-limiting illness where curative treatments are no longer possible. This phase of care is a transition from treating the disease to treating the patient holistically, offering more commitment to how you live during this journey. Services concentrate on the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual quality of life, giving focus and respect to the patient’s goals and wishes. As the majority of hospice patients wish to reside in their own homes with the comfort of family and friends, Hospice of South Georgia provides the bulk of its care in the home setting, but also serves in assisted living facilities and nursing homes, as well as residential care at the Langdale Hospice House. Hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies. Patients and families experience a full team of hospice support from multiple disciplines including a registered nurse, certified nursing assistant, social worker, chaplain, volunteer, and grief counselor. These professionals give compassionate, patient-focused attention through the entire journey of care.


RN Case Nurse

  • Works with patients to create a plan of physical comfort care unique to their needs and goals.

  • Helps educate both patients and caregivers on medications, medical equipment, symptom management, and symptoms of different stages through the disease process

  • Makes home visits to continually monitor patient’s needs and symptoms

“It is a privilege for me to be involved in my patient’s life and provide compassionate care to people at the end of life.”
– Joseph Dollar, RN


Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Makes requested visits for personal care including bathes, changing linens, shifting or rotating patients in the bed, transporting them to and from areas in residential setting, and assisting in motion exercises

  • Observes and addresses patient needs

  • Provides loving emotional support

    “I like what I do because God has graced me as a vital member of the daily operational team at Hospice of South Georgia, providing compassionate and skilled patient care that helps to lessen the stress and fear of the patients and their loved ones.”
    – Teresa Pope, CNA


Social Worker

  • Advocates for patients’ well-being

  • Coordinates home visits to provide emotional support and counseling

  • Addresses patients’ concerns

  • Educates and helps patients and families regarding safety measures in the home

  • Helps with end-of-life planning, connections with community resources, and legal matters

Provides medical support

It’s more than just work; it’s service! It’s an honor to serve others with compassion and dignity during challenging times.”
– Keisha Hilliard, LMSW



  • Provides spiritual and emotional counseling, helping to lead patients and families toward peace during their journeys

  • Offers a loving presence, addressing spiritual concerns at the end of life

Collaborates with patients’ established spiritual support

“The heart of spiritual care at the end of life is offering a sustaining presence through compassion and grace.”
– Jeff May, Chaplain



  • While volunteers help hospice in many ways, those who volunteer in patient care sit with patients for companionship, write letters, run errands, provide different therapies, and assist with nonmedical patient needs.

“When Jesus fills you up with so much love, mercy, and grace, you can’t just sit on it! We are commanded to go into the world.”

– Debbie Sturgill, Volunteer


Grief Coordinator

  • Offers support for caregivers and families in the grieving process up to one year after a loved one’s passing

  • Provides one-on-one counseling

  • Provides 6-week adult support groups

  • Runs children’s grief camps

  • Organizes the Angel Tree Memorial Service, an annual memorial ceremony to honor a loved one

    “As bereavement coordinator, I appreciate the opportunity to support the loved ones of our hospice patients and people within our community who have lost someone precious to them. Bereavement support emphasizes that healing from loss is a journey, which is unique to each person.”

    – Sherry Tierney, LMSW

    Hospice of South Georgia

    2263 Pineview Drive

    Valdosta, GA 31602





Leadership Team

(left to right) Bill Meli- Volunteers, Facilities, Tree House Thrift Shop, Margaret O’Berry- Nurse Manager at Langdale Hospice House, Susan Bowden- Executive Director, Amanda Mason- Clinical Support Services, Admissions, Kevin Moore- Home-care Nurse Manager.

Langdale Hospice House

Nestled in a quiet, pine-filled neighborhood, the Langdale Hospice House was designed to give patients and families the comforts of home. Lots of windows and sunrooms allow for natural lighting, and a rustic fireplace in the living room area promotes relaxation in a comfortable, peaceful environment. Patients receive ultimate privacy with their own rooms and bathrooms, enhancing the ability to provide skillful medical care, security, and positive quality of life.

The Langdale Hospice House serves as an extension of services for Hospice of South Georgia’s home-care patients. It provides an elevated level of care unlike any other in the Valdosta community.

  • Clinical symptom management is acute care for when a patient’s symptoms can- not be managed in the home. It serves as a doctor’s visit in hospice care and keeps patients out of the ER.

  • Ability to treat any disease process with management and assessment by a skilled nursing staff

  • 24/7, hospice-centered care

  • Specialized wound care

  • Ability to administer all medications

  • All private rooms and bathrooms

  • Respite for caregivers

  • Residential Stay


“Hospice of South Georgia is deeply rooted in the heart of the communities we serve. It is an honor to be welcomed into a patient’s personal home, build a trusting relationship, and care for them in this final season. Patients and families will always be the center of our care, and it is our commitment at Hospice of South Georgia and Langdale Hospice House to remain dedicated to optimizing quality of life.”
– Susan Bowden, Executive Director

 Written by: Lindsey Rogers | Photography by: Micki K. Photography

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