Improve Your Kidney Health

Your kidney health is just as important as your heart. The kidneys’ function is to filter waste and excess water out of your blood, as well as regulate your blood pressure and vitamin D metabolism for your bone health.

When someone develops kidney disease, the waste in their body will fill up due to the lack of filtration. This will lead to unsightly and painful swelling, nausea, and disrupted sleep. If nothing is done about it through diet or treatment, your kidneys will stop working. That will can be fatal.

However, if one is proactive in their taking care of their kidney health, the likelihood of running into these issues is slim. The most effective way of taking care of your kidney health is by having a healthy diet. Here is a shortlist of foods and drinks that are great for kidneys and a list of foods to avoid.

What to Consume:

This should go without saying, but the best substance for you is by far water. The human body is two-thirds water for a reason. Water helps your kidneys to detox the toxins that are in your system. You don’t need to start guzzling gallons of water a day to keep your kidneys up. A regular eight cups a day will keep everything regulated.

Mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D, a resource the kidneys need to keep your metabolism stable. In addition to that, mushrooms are a plant-based food that has other health benefits as well, such as reducing high cholesterol and helping with weight loss.

Want the advantages of water without going to the bathroom every 10 minutes? Apples should be your go-to snack. They are a natural cleanser for the body due to their water content, and they also prevent constipation, helps keep your heart healthy, and lower the risk of cancers.

What to Avoid:

Foods high in potassium are not suitable for kidney health. While avocados have many other health benefits and are a great addition to most diets, it is best to avoid them if you are trying to build your kidneys back up.

Dairy Products
Dairy has plenty of nutrients that are favorable to the average diet, but they are also high in protein and potassium. A double whammy as those two are big no-nos for anyone trying to help their kidney function. It is still vital to your diet to have healthy bones, but too much can lead to an excess of phosphorus in your system. Your kidneys will have trouble filtering that out, so dairy is best in moderation.

Processed Meat
Processed meats like bacon and sausage are not considered healthy on their own, so it isn’t good for your kidneys. Not to mention they are usually high in sodium and protein, so they will hinder the kidneys from fully functioning. It is fine to enjoy them as a treat, but it is best to keep these in moderation too.

Written by: Malia Thomas

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