ATSM Partners With Thomas County Central

Archbold Memorial Hospital’s Advanced Therapy and Sports Medicine clinic is now the official sports medicine provider for Thomas County Central High School Athletics.

“For Archbold it shows that we are a growing program,” said Mark Lowe, Archbold Vice President of Planning and Marketing. “During the past year, we seriously began to pursue the sports medicine contract with Central, and just recently we were able to make it happen.”

Under this partnership, Advanced Therapy and Sports Medicine (ATSM) will be the sole provider of rehabilitation and sports medicine for Thomas County Central High School.
“Not only is it local, now we’re putting our athletes on the cutting edge of performance,” said Sam Holland, TCCHS Athletic Director.

“We are the only local, fully-incorporated sports medicine program available,” said Jami Stephenson, OT, CHT, Archbold Director of ATSM. “We will have full-time athletic trainers on campus daily to provide treatment and management of conditions, injuries, and concussions. The athletic trainers also serve as a guidance system through the medical community for all services to allow better coordinated care and also to recover from injury as quickly as possible.”

The providers at ATSM take a team approach to post-injury treatment and rehabilitation by involving multiple specialties. The athletic trainers will also help assist all teams with on-the-field injury treatment, facilitate care coordination with local physicians, and coordinate diagnostic testing as needed.

Archbold’s new ATSM facility is also on track to open in late fall, which allows Archbold to expand the high-quality, specialized care already provided to patients and student-athletes under this new contract.

“The sky is the limit,” Holland said. “With the new sports medicine facility being built, this gives our athletes the opportunity, if they are injured, the best possible medical treatment to get them back on the field, to get them back to peak, not only after the fact but also the preventative measures that we’ll be able to bring to the table now with our partnership with Archbold.”

The partnership between ATSM and TCCHS is effective as of July 1.
ATSM has a similar contract with Thomasville High School.

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