Surprisingly Healthy Foods & Drinks

What you put into your mouth is important for your health, especially as you age. You wouldn’t want to spend all your time eating junk food and sodas, putting yourself at risk for high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Instead, you should be thinking about your food choices to ensure a healthier lifestyle. Less salty and fatty foods and more fruits and veggies, right? Fun fact: It doesn’t always have to be the same healthy foods and drinks. Here’s a list of foods and drinks that can are surprisingly healthy for you.

  1. Red Wine: Ever heard that one glass a day keeps the pain away? Well, that is true for most people. The list is endless for how red wine can help the body, but to name a few, wine helps with lowering cholesterol, sleeping habits, stress, memory, and heart failure.
  2. Garlic: Yes, garlic! Garlic can help with breaking a cold if you’re into home remedies. It can also help lower cholesterol.
  3. Coconut Water: We all know water is the most important drink to consume when it comes to your health, so why not add more flavor to it? Coconut water is high in electrolytes, low in calories, and a great source of vitamins and minerals.
  4. Dark Chocolate: Who said chocolate had to be bad for you? Dark chocolate helps lower blood pressure and helps your skin in the sun.
  5. Ginger: Right now it is hard to find ginger in the supermarket. Do you know why? COVID-19. Ginger has been shown to help break fevers and help boost the immune system, two things you might want to do if you have coronavirus symptoms. Ginger can also help with arthritis and even menstrual cramps.

These are just some of the foods and drinks that can help you in your daily life. Some other honorable mentions include guacamole, feta cheese, and even popcorn. The most important part is always looking at the labels and asking your primary physician before adding anything new to your diet.

Written by: Tyrah Walker

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