Easy In-Door Workouts and Tips

Although COVID-19 cases are steadily increasing, you can still dine in at restaurants, go to shopping plazas, and go to the gym. We haven’t had a lockdown in months, but there are some who are still uncomfortable leaving their homes unless they absolutely have to, and rightfully so. When you think of the gym, you may be nervous to go because of sanitary reasons (even though there are wipe down stations). If you are one of those individuals, have no fear because you can still have a productive workout in the comfort of your own home.

What if I don’t have any Equipment?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since the beginning of this crisis, it’s that we spend money on things we don’t really need. There’s no need to go to the store and buy items when there are substitutions already in your home.

“I need a yoga or exercise mat.”

What you really need is just something to lay or sit on while you do your exercises. Have you ever thought about using a towel or a bed sheet? It works just as good as any yoga mat.

“I don’t have any dumbbells.”

A great substitution for dumbbells can be anything with weight. My recommendation if you want heavy weight is to use gallon-sized jugs (like milk jugs) filled with water. For less weight, use canned goods, books, or small water bottles.

“I enjoy intense workouts.”

If you enjoy a more intense workout, try running around the neighborhood with a backpack filled with heavy items inside.

“Working out at home isn’t the same as working out in the gym.”

It’s all in the mind. You can work out anywhere and have the same effect of working out in the gym. If you want a change of scenery, then try exercising outside on your porch or in your garage.

Another thing I’ve seen to be extremely beneficial working out from home is working out along with a video. If you’re like me, I would rather have a workout partner to keep me motivated, but I end up by myself the majority of the time. What do I do? I get my smart television and turn on different workout videos on Youtube. There are channels for just about every workout you can think of.

Hip Hop Fitness: If you enjoy working out and dancing to hip hop, then the Hip Hop Fitness Youtube channel is the perfect one for you. It’s hosted by fitness guru and choreographer Mike Peele. His videos are beginner friendly and are the perfect mix of dancing and fitness. His videos vary depending on what area you want to work out the most. It’s fun, entertaining, and gives you a chance to show your sexy side. To top it all off, Peele always ends with a word of encouragement toward the end of his videos.

POPSUGAR Fitness: This Youtube channel is great because it’s in a group setting and has a person demonstrating the modified version while the rest of the group is going full speed. They have several hosts on the channel, but one of the main hosts is fitness instructor Deja Riley. All videos are 30 minutes long or shorter, so they’re perfect to do right before work or even on your lunch break.

Yoga With Adriene: If you would rather enjoy a more peaceful workout, then yoga would best fit you. Hosted by Adriene Mishler, this channel helps you learn the proper yoga poses. Other related videos she includes are focused on mind and body personal development.

These are just some of the many exercise videos you can enjoy while working out. Just remember to have fun. Working out doesn’t have to be a dreadful thing to do.

Written by: Tyrah Walker

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