How and Why to Develop Core Strength

What is Core Strength? 

Have you overheard the term “core strength” being tossed around the gym while you count the miles on that treadmill or climb imaginary hills on the StairMaster? 

Some people think having good core strength means having those highly defined stomach muscles — often referred to as “six-pack abs” — or being able to deadlift 500 pounds. But core strength isn’t about strength, and your core is more than just your abs. 

Your core encompasses your entire torso, or your abdominal muscles, but also other muscles in the front and sides of the stomach and in your hips and lower back. This “core” group of muscles supports your spine, controls your pelvis, and connects your upper and lower body—meaning the group is connected to every part of your body.  

Having good core strength is less about power and strength and more about stability, posture, and fluidity of motion. Our core is integral to almost every movement we make. It’s what helps us lift, bend, reach, and turn. It helps us perform everyday movements, like walking or bending over to tie our shoes, as well as recreational activities like golfing. 

Having a strong core is what helps you get up off the ground after gardening or playing with children or grandchildren. It’s what helps you rise easily from a seated position. 

Learn more about core strength below:

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