Big Ron Jones

Physical fitness and health are so important, but many people don’t know where to begin when it comes to exercise and healthy eating. Personal trainers are extremely helpful at navigating these concepts, motivating a person to be better, and helping clients reach their personal goals. From growing up playing sports to becoming a personal trainer with hundreds of thousands of followers, Big Ron Jones is no stranger to health and fitness. We had an opportunity to speak with the fitness influencer and talk about how he came to his success as a trainer, what his philosophies on health and fitness are, and what his goals are for the future of his business. So, who is Ron Jones? The influencer and personal trainer grew up in a military home and quickly fell in love with playing sports, sharing that when he wasn’t playing basketball, he was playing football. “I grew up on base—my parents were military—so playing sports was my pastime, especially overseas,” said Jones. Shortly after he arrived at college, he suffered an ankle injury that would halt his basketball career. However, still holding a love for athletics he began going to the gym to lift weights frequently, and he charismatically shared his original intentions for working out were not without reason.

“I was happy as a college student telling my peers about health and wellness, I was happy as an in-person trainer at the gym. Now with the internet my reach is further than ever before, so if there is a way I can keep spreading how health and wellness can help everyone, I want to have a hand in it.”

-Big Ron Jones

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