Continuing the Fight: The Gaskins

“Needless to say of course I was emotional because I had one path that I was going down and abruptly it was cut off,”

– Stacie Gaskins

Imagine one week preparing yourself for a “mommy makeover” surgery. You’re going throughout your week excited and ready for your snap back after giving birth to a precious baby almost four years prior. The day before your surgery you do the necessary requirements to make sure you are approved for the upcoming procedure. One of the requirements (depending on the doctor), is a mammogram, but because breast cancer doesn’t run in the family, all should be well right? That was Stacie Gaskins’ life until suddenly, her surgery was cancelled.
Instead of a “mommy makeover”, Gaskins found herself having to have a double biopsy which discovered a tumor in her right breast. It was breast cancer.

Just this year in January before finding out about her diagnosis, her step son, Payton had just rang the bell for being cancer free himself, having dealt with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. It was now July and the immediate thought of the family having to deal with sickness again, while being a mother of four, came rushing to her head. “We’re tired already,” she said.

Read about the grace and strength of the The Gaskin’s…

One thought on “Continuing the Fight: The Gaskins

  1. They are family members! They have been through more than any family should have to endure! Stacie is a fighter & I know she will get through this with her husband, Justin, by her side, and God’s grace!!♥️♥️


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