Wearable Fitness Accessories

Working out has been completely reinvented. It is 2018 and fitness accessories are becoming more and more of a trend. Don’t work out boringly. Throughout the years brands such as Nike, Apple, Samsung, and more have created different products to assist individuals in their workout endeavors. Here are 7 wearable fitness technology: 1. Fitbit: These are training watches that help track your heart level, calories … Continue reading Wearable Fitness Accessories

Winter Workout Gear Necessities

A cold winter workout can be just as satisfying as a hot summer one. Working out in the cold can actually burn more calories than working out in the heat. It’s always important to have the right gear for the right weather conditions. Here are some workout essentials to make sure your workout is still gratifying in the brisk outdoors. Hat Your head is one … Continue reading Winter Workout Gear Necessities

Renting vs. Buying: Which Tuxedo is Right for You?

Whether you’re renting or buying, you can expect to spend money if you’re looking for a tux. Depending on the style, renting a tux can easily rack up a bill of a few hundred dollars, while buying can lead to thousands. Most prefer to rent, even though it’s money spent on an outfit that will only be worn once, to avoid the hefty amount of … Continue reading Renting vs. Buying: Which Tuxedo is Right for You?

Thomasville’s Victorian Winter Wonderland

Twinkling lights. Horse-drawn carriages. Roasted chestnuts. Community sing-alongs. Live ice sculpting. Costumed stilt walkers. Downtown Thomasville turns into a magical, late 1800s winter wonderland during its annual Victorian Christmas Festival every December. The festival began in 1986 as a way for Thomasville shop owners and merchants to show off their wares and the downtown area. This year the Victorian Christmas Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary, … Continue reading Thomasville’s Victorian Winter Wonderland

3 Steps to Achieving a Perfectly Decorated Holiday Home

Holiday season is the best season. Why? The holidays provoke quality time with friends and family – at least for a day a two – and it’s an excuse for those decorating buffs to show off their skills. But when is it too early to decorate? Some say it’s never too early, but too much of a good thing is overwhelming. Timing and subtle accents … Continue reading 3 Steps to Achieving a Perfectly Decorated Holiday Home