Finding Joy in Helping Others

Julie Tyus is an occupational therapist who has always had the desire to help people. Ever since she could remember, Tyus has always stood in solidarity with those who have been mistreated or looked down upon because of their differences.  The inspiration also came from her experience of watching her mother help visually impaired children. Watching her mom work with different therapists and students helped … Continue reading Finding Joy in Helping Others

A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment

Colquitt Regional Now Offering Radiation Oncology It’s estimated that around 60% of cancer patients will undergo radiation therapy, an effective and often essential treatment for many types of cancer. But for patients living in rural areas, convenient access to a cancer center with on-site radiation oncology isn’t always an option. And with the typical radiation treatment plan requiring visits five days a week for several … Continue reading A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment

Under Pressure?

What to Know About Prehypertension and Hypertension Did you know that May is high blood pressure education month? We all know normal blood pressure is important to a well-functioning body. Why else would blood pressure measurements be included along with the vital signs at a doctor’s office? Though not on the same “vital” level as respiration, body temperature and pulse, blood pressure gives medical professionals … Continue reading Under Pressure?

Man Up and Call the Doctor

June Is Men’s Health Month June is men’s health month—a time to focus on common health issues and encourage men to care for both their mental and physical health. Even though men die, on average, five years earlier than women, they are also less likely to go to the doctor, according to a study from Rutgers University. The researchers found that men who held more … Continue reading Man Up and Call the Doctor