How to Work Out While on Vacation

When you’re on vacation, working out and keeping healthy is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, you’re just trying to enjoy your free time and relax from the daily pressures of work and family. Besides, there’s so much local cuisine to try out, and those beachside chairs are so comfy.

Well, whether you like it or not, what you do on your vacation does affect you when you get back home. If you fall into bad habits, it can be hard to break them once you’re back in your regular routine. It’s bad enough your sleep schedule will probably be out of whack, but gaining weight and bad eating habits will only add on to that pile.

You should enjoy yourself, but vacation and travelling aren’t get-out-of-jail-free cards for your health. If you want to maintain your fitness while you’re taking your next trip, here are some tips.

Hotel Exercises
Fun fact: Most hotel gyms go unused. This is due to the general lack of privacy and awkwardness. But don’t let that stop you from getting in a killer workout. You can easily use your room or other areas of the hotel to get in your reps.

Utilize your chairs and ottoman. They are perfect for squats and leg-ups. Just straddle your legs in a squat position and use them as a base. For leg-ups, just raise your leg to rest your foot on the chair or ottoman and alternate each leg in your preferred set of reps.

For a simple arm workout, just start doing pushups beside your bed. For an added challenge, put your feet on an elevated surface (like the aforementioned ottoman) and try to raise your body to it during your pushup. It you’re crunched for time, turn it into a planking session.

If you truly want to break a sweat, instead of using the elevators to get around, use the stairs. Not only is it great for the legs and glutes, but if you decided to carry a suitcase or heavy object while walking, you get to train your upper body too.

Summer Vacations

This goes without saying, but swimming is a great way to work out your arms and legs. It’s also a pretty fun way to keep yourself refreshed while basking in the sun. Win-win.

What to take in the beautiful scenery and get your cardio up? Running around the beach alongside the ocean waves or around your resort’s property is a great way to stay fit and have a blast doing it.

Find some trails and walkways around the beach or in the area and take a hike with your family. It’s a great opportunity for some adorable photo ops, to get some memorable vlog content, or to just bond with each.

Whether it’s at your hotel’s pool or on the beach, volleyball is the perfect way to work out your arms and break a sweat. For total upper body strength training, rent a kayak for the day and taking it out on the ocean.

Winter Vacations

Mountain climbing and biking will require an adequate amount of physical fitness from the jump due to it being a vigorous workout. You will also need a map and to canvass the area a couple of times to get a feel for the environment. However, once you’ve done that, it will serve as a great way to keep in shape while vacationing.

Snowboarding and skiing will build up your leg strength and are great cardio.

Another great cardio boost is cross-country skiing, where you’re pretty much walk around the surrounding trails in your skis. A bonus: There’s no risk of having one of those downhill slope wipeouts.

For a combination of upper body strength and cardio, be sure to go sledding. If the hill is tall enough, the payoff will be worth it.

This is not for the faint of heart, but ice skating is a challenging yet fun activity for the whole family. Even better, it will work out all parts of your body if you do it right.

Even though these can be done at any time, it is the best to get these workouts in early in the morning so you can focus on relaxing for the rest of the day.

Written by: Malia Thomas

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