New Year, New Lifestyle

About 40 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, and losing weight/dieting ranks as number one. According to U.S. News, roughly 80 percent of people fail by the second week of February. Why is that? Maybe it is too much pressure to start at the beginning of the year, maybe there isn’t enough willpower invested or maybe the perspective is misguided. Instead of dieting as your resolution, try changing your lifestyle overall.

What’s the difference?

Well, dieting is temporary and subconsciously comforts you to return to your old eating habits once you’ve met your goals; even though in actuality most people revert once they start seeing progress. So, by the next year you are attempting the same resolution, counting calories and meeting deadlines. Dieting is also more discouraging because people expect results in a specific amount of time, which promotes quitting or eating disorders when those expectations are not met. Not to mention bad diets can lead to malnutrition. Changing your lifestyle not only helps you reach your goals, but it also regulates your weight more effectively. Although this requires research, the transition will improve your long-term health and weight. It relieves the stress, worry, and pressure from seeing quick results and becomes a gradual process that allows room for mistakes.

How can DuMealz help?

Whether you chose dieting or transforming your lifestyle, meal prepping can be beneficial because it plans out what you will eat for the week, which lowers your chances of eating unhealthy or unwanted foods. Meal preparation also helps you save money because your food will be bought in bulk and portion controlled, so your food isn’t diminishing as fast. Even though this method is beneficial, it does require time out of each week to establish, so if you are pressed on time or aren’t skilled in the kitchen, DuMealz can help.
They take the guess work out of meal prepping and planning. DuMealz offers healthy, flavorful, portion-controlled meals made from fresh, never frozen meats and produce every week. If you don’t have the time, the skills, or the knowledge to cook the foods that will give you the energy you want, they can help.
All individually portioned meals come labeled with calorie counts and macronutrient information. Most meals are gluten free, and other dietary modifications – such as Paleo, low-carb, and all-organic ingredients – can be made for a small fee. The price per meal gets cheaper the more meals you purchase, and they offer the convenience of location pick-up or personal delivery. Meals can be ordered online at or over the phone at 844-DUMEALZ.

Written by: Candace Mitchell

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