FAITH RXD and CrossFit Winnersville Unite to Bring Fitness and Christ to Community

A new organization has come to the Valdosta area, bringing the goal to strengthen the community through fitness and Christ-centered living with it.

FAITH RXD has established 80 chapters in nine countries that strive to bring the same beliefs and message to the community.

Ross Cook, a youth pastor at Crossroads Baptist Church in Valdosta, Georgia, became a member of Crossfit Winnersville in 2017. He is now the director of FAITH RXD in Lowndes County, which operates out of CrossFit Winnersville.

“When you walk through the doors at CFW, you are going to get more than a workout,” Cook said. “You will experience love; encouragement; support; and, best of all, a community of people on the same journey as you.”

It began with one simple mission: helping people find God. This is why the Lowndes County chapter of FAITH RXD decided to set up shop at Winnersville Crossfit. Not only do both share the same beliefs and want to accomplish them through Christ and fitness, but they want to inspire the community to be better too.

FAITH RXD’s mission is to engage, equip, and expand, according to its website. The organization wishes to inspire those in the fitness community through relationships, social media, and competition. It provides weekend training camps and chapter events to expand the influence of leaders to become mature disciples of Christ and to better serve their communities.

“When you walk through the doors at CFW, you are going to get more than a workout. You will experience love; encouragement; support; and, best of all, a community of people on the same journey as you.”
— Ross Cook

The program’s name is derived from medicine and is applied to functional fitness, according to its website. It also has the meaning of following prescribed protocol, which is the basis for coaches creating workouts and for their athletes to accomplish his prescribed work to the best of their ability. The message of Christ comes in to the name
to highlight the faith Jesus used to carry out the Father’s will.

These are the qualities that enticed Cook to partner up with FAITH RXD. He explained that from day one of joining with FAITH RXD he has placed a high premium on helping people get in the best shape of their lives. He said that he added other elements to that mission so that the physical went beyond into the spiritual. He thinks that organization has helped tremendously.

“FAITH RXD is like FCA for the fitness community,” he said. “It’s not just for CrossFit. (We) will have monthly events where you will do a workout of the day, led by a coach, and he or she will ex plain the workout and movements before you start. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or (are) a seasoned pro, you can participate and get a great workout.”

Cook said that the events are family friendly, too. There is a class for children that can be taken alongside the adult class and a nursery for babies who can be watched over while parents are enjoying the event.

To reach out beyond those already involved, FAITH RXD likes to spread its mission through volunteer-led chapters. These are meant to strengthen the fitness community through the CrossFit workouts, prayers, teaching and learning opportunities, open discussions, and social media events, according to the
program’s website.

Cook appreciates that this organization is bringing more of what he wants to spread to his community. He spreads the organization’s message and what it can bring to the table
through social media and word of mouth.

“The fitness community is growing in Lowndes, and there are Christians who are working out that want to teach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ,” he said.

Cook encourages all to come and check out the chapter’s monthly events at CrossFit Winnersville. Whether it be a gym owner, trainer,
or just an individual who wants to workout, all are welcome.

“If this is you, or if you just want an amazing workout with a lot of people just like you, then consider joining the FAITH RXD chapter here in Lowndes,” Cook said. “Come to our next event, which will be posted on our Instagram, and bring a friend or your family. Join FAITH RXD and be a force for good through our amazing fitness community.”

Written by: Alex Dunn | Photography by: Eric Vinson

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