Top Items Every Beginner Should Have in Their Gym Bag

Some days, getting ready for the gym can be a mental workout itself. After a long day of work, school, traveling, or even relaxation; going to the gym at times doesn’t sound like the move. But we must remember that goals need to be met and that body needs to be in tip-top shape. 

As the aged British mantra says, “Proper planning and preparation prevent piss poor performance.” 

This mantra can correlate with many aspects of life. In this instance, we dedicate it to the gym. A properly packed gym bag is the first step towards a successful workout. Don’t worry: We have put together a list of essential items that you will need to meet that “perfect bag” quota. 

Gym Bag

Whether it be a backpack, a shoulder bag, or a duffle bag, you want to ensure that your gym bag is a proper size. An organized gym bag will ease unwanted stress, so you can focus on working out. This accessory will hold many items such as clothing, pre-workout supplements, snacks, your keys, wallet, and the list goes on; therefore, size does matter. 


Music is needed for a successful workout: There is something about having the right playlist blasting through your ears that pushes you to finish. But to keep those jams going, you need to have headphones. Not just any headphones, wireless headphones are the way to go.

With wireless headphones, you don’t have to worry about an unnecessary cord getting caught on equipment. Once you have experienced the ease of Bluetooth headphones, you’re never going to want to go back to your old ways. 

We’re not saying to forget about the “old faithful” headphones . . . we even suggest that you keep them in your bag as backups. We are only implying that wireless headphones are a game-changer to your workout. 

Water Bottle

Some people can survive an entire workout without taking one sip of water. Word to the wise: do not be those types of people. 

When working out, your body is releasing water, or what we call, sweating. You want to replenish what you’re losing to prevent dehydration while working out. No one wants dehydration to be their kryptonite during an intense workout. 

When it comes to choosing the right water bottle, there are a few factors to consider. The water bottle does not need to be too large that it’s cumbersome to carry. It should be able to hold a substantial amount of fluids to prevent numerous trips for refills. Lastly, the bottle needs to be durable enough to withstand injury from the occasional drop or tip-over. 

An insulated water bottle will best the option. This bottle usually is easy to carry, comes with a tight seal, is made from sturdy materials, and most importantly, keeps your H2O at a pleasant drinkable temperature.

Brands such as Hydro Flask, Yeti, Iron Flask, and Embrava are some of the several insulated water bottle pushers. Each brand listed offers different sizes and styles for anyone to enjoy. With adequate research, we’re sure you will find the right bottle to add to your bag. 

Hygiene Products 

Sweat does not smell like roses, but the deodorant and sanitary wipes that you packed in your bag can. 

After an intense workout, it is nice to freshen up just in case you have errands to run. When choosing products, stick to the basics: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, wipes, and lotion. For the ladies, do not hesitate to pack feminine products just in case Mother Nature drops off her monthly gift. 


No one should engage in an intense workout on an empty stomach . . . you’re only setting yourself up for failure. That is why it is good to have snacks in your bag to eat before. 

Snacks like protein bars, fruit, or even nuts will keep well in the bag. Being hit with sudden hunger during workouts can steer your focus. By having quick snacks in your bag, you can satisfy your hunger for the moment and complete your gym trip. 

Once completing your workout, you want to replenish the burned calories; this is where those protein bars and fruit come into play until you get a meal. 

So don’t let a poorly packed bag weaken your success for a perfect workout. We have #HotGirlSummer and #MuscleMan bodies to build. We gave you the keys, so you now have no reason to fail. Good luck!

Written by: Domonique Whitehurst

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